{basic + boyfriend}

  {this is my little friend, bella. we’re hanging out this weekend since her parents are out of town.}   {basic white tank: forever 21; boyfriend jeans: gap; espadrilles: loft, necklace: forever 21;… Continue reading


It’s important to documents things that are memorable in one’s life. These are a few lately. {hanging out with my girls in the kitchen} {morning photos to hubby while he’s gone} {sock progression}… Continue reading

{office space & tribal prints}

I have a nice new office space which is quite splendid. The best thing about this whole deal is that I can play music as loud as I want, snack on whatever I… Continue reading

{back from my hiatus}

Wow! Do I even remember to log into WordPress? The answer is yes, I do. But it has been a while. I’ve been on what some may call a ‘hiatus’ and it has… Continue reading

{print mixing with olivia}

 she is most positively the cutest thing in the world. on this particular day, we were experimenting with her wardrobe. here you can see she went with a nice polka dot on top,… Continue reading

{lovely monday}

hanging out in north carolina with my sister and niece for a while. her cuteness is unreal. see?      


Okay, Walgreens- no matter how many commercials I hear on Pandora, I will never buy groceries there! Good god, stop nagging me. In light of a friend’s recent terrible experience, I’ve also decided… Continue reading

{crossfit girl diaries, pt 1.}

See, the thing about Crossfit is that it can really beat you up. Physically and mentally. My hands really hurt. Like all the time. And they’re not really what I would call pretty. And… Continue reading

{stars, stripes & songs}

happy friday! love the rustic, american look lately. my next project is to create my own version of urban outfitter’s distressed levi’s cutoff shorts. i think i’ll do that this weekend. if it doesn’t turn out,… Continue reading

{decorating & eats!}

 Do you ever notice that if you take one day “off” and do absolutely nothing like I did on Sunday (besides watch a variety of movies, make paleo waffles and a wedding website) that you… Continue reading