rainy day.

unlike the past couple of months, it’s been so rainy and gloomy out lately. makes me want to bake pumpkin cookies and cuddle up on the couch and do other “autumn” things like go to a pumpkin patch. or rake some leaves. or drink a harvey wallbanger. do you know what that is? i don’t really either, but i heard some elders talking about ‘harvey wallbangers’ this summer and happen to find it quite comical.

have i mentioned how beautiful colorado is? seriously.

have i mentioned how much annoying people annoy me? be positive, caley. be positive.

{this is the best rainy day song ever.} if you don’t know who joe purdy is.. well, now you do. he’s amazing.


{who wears this in the rain? so cute though}

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{when i have a little girl, she will have a little pair of wellies}

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rainboots + {favorite toggle coat}. love madewell. all of their fall coats are fantastic.

{because this picture is funny}

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if you don’t think this is funny, you probably don’t understand my humor and should just go away now. a pig in rainboots? hilarious!