{wedding prep}

[one of my very best friends is getting married in june! in cabo! it will be amazing.] [we went shopping this weekend in kansas city and found her the most perfect wedding dress masterpiece.  it was actually really hard because she looked so gorgeous in everything. she will certainly be the most beautiful bride. i’m so happy to be a part of her special day and can’t believe how grown up we are! can’t wait. needless to say, this has finally inspired me to do some wedding planning of my own.]

1. all over lace, add a champagne sash.

2. one shoulder, something similar i also like.

3. more lace.

4. one shoulder satin, white by vera wang

5. the gown gallery, kansas city

6. tulle. another similar favorite in crinkle taffeta.

[i did learn a few things this weekend while wedding dress shopping. please feel free to read below:]

1. i hate women. seriously!! i’ve come to the conclusion that all the weirdo future brides that act like crazy people will end up alone and miserable because they have no idea what a wedding is actually about and only care about the party itself! so sad! is that mean? whatever. krystle and i were not impressed with some of the bridal parties.

2.  i contemplated this weekend how awkward it would be for other people (not me) to just go dress shopping by myself. is that so wrong? can i do that? i probably will.

3. i will not own a ‘wedding book.’ mostly because the obnoxious girl at the gown gallery had one. go away, troll.

4. i will not spend an insane amount on a dress. instead i will workout, feel good about myself and not need to spend 10 grand to look fabulous.

5. i will not forget the real reason i’m buying a white dress.