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I’m running my 3rd marathon this weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul. My fiancé is running it as well. He will be 30 the day of the race! He’s amazing. Old, but amazing. (just kidding sweetie. i love you)

This is one of my favorite pictures. Angela, my best friend running during our Ragnar Relay and me waiting with water for her. Relays are all about support. What an awesome feeling.

What running marathons has taught me and why you should try it at least once.

  • I’m mentally and physically stronger than I thought I was. I’m fortunate in that I honestly think I have my mother to thank for this. Have you met Cathi? She’s a BA. (badass, duh)  It took a while for this quality to surface, but it did- about right after I ran my first ½ marathon where I thought “you know what? If that girl can do this, I can do it and maybe even better.” And that’s what is so cool about running a race or competing in any event. You push yourself. You try to just run one second faster. And sometimes you actually do…


  • I shouldn’t waste my time doing mindless things. Time is valuable. Training for marathons forces you to prioritize because you have to set aside a few hours each Saturday or Sunday to get your long run in. It, in a way, forced me to not throw back an excessive amount of vodka/sodas on a Friday night, while singing terrible renditions of the Dixie Chick’s “Traveling Soldier,” which is always a plus. You feel better about yourself. Your weekends are 10 times more productive.


  • I can inspire people. Running a marathon is inspirational to people. You can share your experiences with them and inspire them to reach their own goals. You let them know that they can do it too.  It brings people together. It’s uplifting. Feeling inspired is one of the best feelings in the world. I think everyone can agree to that.


  • The quality of whatever I put in my body really does make a difference. I remember a time when I was so caught up in just being skinny and counting calories that it wasn’t until I needed energy to run that I realized how unhealthy I actually was.  In a way, running saved me or at least significantly improved my health in many ways. I learned so much about my body. I learned that you have to feed it. You have to nurture it and treat it with respect. My body is pretty amazing. Even with my thunder thighs.


  • I really do want to be a better person. And that’s what is so awesome about running a marathon and being around a bunch of runners at these events. All of these people want to make themselves better. Maybe some of them want to finish a minute faster, some are training to lose weight, some are trying to qualify for Boston and maybe a few of them just hope to God they cross the finish line, but everyone is working towards a goal. They all want to be better people. Running makes me feel better about myself.  It gives me time to be alone with my thoughts and reflect on life and the type of person I am. I believe running makes me a better person, daughter, fiancé and friend. I think it’s more powerful than people realize and I think you should try it.



{another shot from the wonderful Ragnar Relay}