{my weekend in a nutshell}

{..in a nutshell. get it? hahahaha}

{cody, me, uncle trent, uncle skip, uncle hans, aunt lori}

{mom and dad. my faves}

{how does something get this cute?}

{sneak peek}

{target on the left, forever on the right}

1. well, we ran a marathon. ’twas  another fun-filled, pants-crapping experience! (i’m actually proud to say that no, i did not crap my pants this time. it’s quite a feat.) it was a nice 29 degrees when we started- so by about mile 10, my legs finally warmed up. found cody around mile 18 and we ended up finishing holding hands like big weirdos. grandma barb even came to watch.2.the coolest part, however; was running with family. kudos to my uncle skip, 65 and stayin alive. running marathons and shiz. 3. even the cutest baby in the world wished me good luck. 4.oh…and mother and i went shopping this weekend and i found my dress. pretty exciting, right? 5. new shoes.

also, never wear your medal in the airport the day after you run a marathon. just don’t. unless you win. you will look desparate for recognition and i will probably make fun of you.

it was also cody’s birthday. so i got him a few things of course. actually i made him something. a home for his new laptop. check this out for directions! i’m pretty impressed with myself. it’s been a few years since i’ve used a sewing machine. i probably should have used a different needle for the leather material.