{the hunt for red october}

no, this post has absolutely nothing to do with sean connery if that’s what you were hoping. it really only has to do with the color, “red.” i hope you all had a great weekend. my weekend was that of a classy lady and lad. friday night, we went to a nice tavern downtown parker and had quite a few cocktails. there was a great band there named ‘moses jones.’ fortunately one of our friends, allison, was there to witness the pathetic events. she had to bring us home. poor thing. i also thought it would be funny to change my fiancé’s facebook status to ‘i eat turd hats for a living.’ i actually still think it’s really funny. needless to say, we woke up on saturday morning and came across what seemed to be the aftermath of an attack of wild, stray dogs in the kitchen. dogs whom decided to cook a feast of eggs at 2am. GROW UP GUYS!

{moses jones}

{outfitting fall}

{1. skinnes, plaid, sneakers, sweater 2. dress, boots, legwarmers, comy sweater, belt 3. maxi, belt and a button up-my personal favorite}

{lovely print}

kate spade.

{i want this print in a trench}