{things that make me happy today.}

do you ever get to work in the morning and think you’re the only person that works there anymore? you wander around the hallways looking for people or check the coffee pot for a trace of any recent activity? this happens to me quite often. mostly because i’m the only one that ever comes to work on time like a moron! i even tried to be late today. i was 5 minutes early. weirdo.

1. a spidey my manfriend tried to scare me with yesterday.   2. wall art in our bedroom. (yes, it’s pinterest inspired. hardy har har)   3.  wool socks drying.   4. a new sewing space.  5. ray-bans make my day, everyday.   6. a favorite urban tee   7. cody’s old sweatshirt 8. mustache necklace!   9. paleo deserts