{slow it down}

monday, funday? no. so my weekend was pretty boring. friday, we indulged in some wine and savored our time left together. my manfriend finally had to go back to work for a few months so i’m now settling into widowed life quite well. I did what most girls do when their significant other leaves for a while:

  1. listened to depressing music and felt sorry for myself. well , mostly just this song. on repeat.
  2. planted several booby traps around the apartment in preparation for intruders.
  3. went grocery shopping. paleo, paleo, paleo!
  4. went to ikea and came back with a few christmas decorations. it’s never too early!
  5. bought a new tripod for my camera. (why is that word so funny? i think it stems from some sick joke i heard in college) anyways, i tried to take some cool shots up by boulder, but ended up with 5-7 thorns in my skirt and/or ass. then, some monks in traditional dress pulled up in a mercury crown victoria and i got the hell out of there.
  6. organized my closet.
  7. went on a run by the reservoir
  8. cleaned the entire apartment. twice.
  9. caught some rays by the pool (which is now emptied).
  10. that’s about it. i don’t even have 10.

{this is what happens when caley gets a tripod. look out world! but anyways. i dressed myself today all on my own. boots, black bodycon, denim shirt, oversised sweater. try to contain yourself!}