{seafoam green, tights & llamas. typical wednesday}

i probably go through about 7-10 pairs of tights a year. give or take. some of them barely last one wearing. so many runs! if it’s not the car door or my un-manicured nails, it’s doing a knee slide on the dance floor or something! my life is hard, people. my best friend and i used to share leggings. some people think that’s gross. whatever. we would wash them. it’s not like we didn’t wear underwear with them! sickos. this lady i know calls leggings “leg-ins.” she also thinks she has a thyroid problem but eats a lot of cheeseburgers. it’s hilarious talking to her about eating healthy. she told me her husband puts vanilla coffee creamer in his milk and it tastes like a milkshake. i don’t know whether to barf or to commend him on his creativity! kudos, sir. kudos!

my outfit: top & skirt, forever 21, boots steve madden’s judgements

whenever i’m having a stupid day at work, i just include this photo below in some of my emails. it’s funny. people laugh and get really weirded out. it’s great.

look how stupid i look in that second picture! that’s really not how i normally look. refer to two posts below.