why wouldn’t i make a special trip back to mn to ride on a train full of booze and bands, while surrounded by middle-aged people in costumes? ummm i don’t know! that’s why i’m going, duh! do you ever read some of those blog posts that are like: “how to perfectly pack” or “how to pack lightly but yet efficiently” and all these people have these little tricks.  for instance, they roll up all their jeans and tie rubber bands around them to save room, or they shove all their underwear in their shoes or something? anyways, i always read those with good intentions, but in reality-i pick out all of my outfits and throw them into a pile. then, i take that pile and throw it into a carry-on sized suitcase. everything that doesn’t fit in there, i simply throw into an oversized purse which i consider my “personal item.” boom. done. 30 seconds. it’s all fun and games until your boyfriend accidentally leaves a gerber knife in the front pocket of your suitcase and you attempt to go through security. idiots!


halloween 2010. we were trees, damn’t. in this particular instance, we were caught in a spider web.

2011: ninjas of course. yes, that’s a baby and a devil in the background.

here you will see, we recruited another to join our brotherhood. and found a nipple man.

what will we be this year??!? oh trust me, i’ll tell you. happy halloween xxo