{snow and sweaters, mimes and life lessons}

my weekend was quite swell. woke up to some snow on friday, grabbed a comfy sweater and headed to duluth to act like an idiot. hope yours was as grand as mine! i did have time to reflect on my life on the flight home and came up with the below:

.:10 reasons i’m not a real grown up:.

  1.  for god’s sake, i travelled by airplane to dress up as a mime with my best friends, wave and scare small children, drink and dance like a weirdo. (see below)
  2. i still throw most of my clothes into the washing machine at the same time on ‘cold’ and then tumble dry low, yo! i wrote care instructions for 2 years and still just really don’t want to take the time.
  3. i just don’t really like to hang out with other grown ups. so i don’t. (see photos below)
  4. i say no to all those stupid ‘parties’ that women throw. stella & dot, whatever make-up, scentsy, pampered chef, thirty-one. how about i just go to the store and buy my own stuff on my own damn time? i hate those things. everyone’s uncomfortable. you don’t really want to buy something but you feel like you have to.
  5. my driving skills are just not suitable for small children. nor is my dirty mouth.
  6. i just don’t really like pretending that i like to go to work. i think the world would be a better place if everyone just admitted they’d rather be doing something else than lying about it and making the rest of us feel like morons!
  7. farting is still really funny. especially in a workout class or something.
  8. airplanes literally still amaze me. so does fedex. mindblown.
  9. i scream bloody murder when my alarm clock goes off in the morning.
  10. i laugh in meetings at work when someone brings up BJ’s, a customer of ours.

a cute lil snowflake coaster.

little neighbor boy playin in the snow.

comfy sweater.

good ‘ol duluth

getting ready.

normy mime.

mime & lucy. no, not monica lewinsky.

mimes on a train. no big deal.