{black + yellow}

don’t you hate when people are stressed and freaking out at work and try to bring you down to their level? today i literally yelled out loud: “i’d rather work at starbucks for minimum wage than with you crazy people!” everyone just laughs because they think i’m joking. hilarious.  anyways, i decided to dress up like a prologis employee for halloween. which actually just means that i tried to dress up a little more, like the other company in our building. really i just look like kim kardashian going to an iowa hawkeye football game.

shoes, skirt & jacket: forever 21, top & necklace: maurices.

my outift inspiration:

{via cupcakes and cashmere}

oh! look what i made last night! i’ve never been too great at crafts. but, i went to joann’s last night to get a couple things. apparently i blacked out because i walked out of there with $100 in craft supplies.

i think mine needs some more snow.

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