{chicken. bacon. eggs. sweet potatoes. yum}

i’ve been pretty hard core paleo lately. i just feel so much better! although, someone did bring bagels to work yesterday and i almost threw myself out the window. but i stood strong. it’s hard sometimes, but i do try to eat pretty strict 6 days a week and allow myself one cheat day on the weekends. mind you, when cody’s home this oh so brilliant plan dies a little because we really just like to hang out by ourselves and eat food and drink beer. anyways, a few times a week i usually cook up a paleomg.com recipe, but last night i was just trying to use what i had left in the fridge. i happen to have just the ingredients for a tasty little dish! i go through a loooot of eggs, people.

{another mess i call dinner}

    • 3 slices of bacon

    • 1 cooked chicken breast, seasoned with whatever you want

    • 2 eggs

    • 1 sweet potato

    • olive oil

    • basil, salt & pepper

  1. cut up your sweet potato. season with some salt, pepper, basil, whatver you want really. then place them on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. bake for like 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees. or until fairly soft.

  2. while your potatoes are baking, cut up 3 slices of bacon and put them in a pan. cook for a few minutes until the edges get a little crispy.

  3.  cut up your already cooked chicken and throw them in with the bacon to warm up for a while.

  4. while your meat is cooking and your potatoes baking, scramble up two eggs. i usually whisk them with a little almond milk.

  5.  dump out any grease from the bacon. then, pull your potatoes out of the oven and dump them into your pan with the meat. mix around a little and then add your eggs.

  6.  put it in a bowl and eat it.


because i just love this! makes me cry. i’m weird.