{things that make me happy today}

  • Did you know how much I love ‘love?’ I just love it. Maybe because I’m so blessed that I was given the ability to love someone so much. It’s seriously a gift, I think. And I just happened to have found someone that shares the same gift as I. I just wish people would hold out for that sometimes. It makes me sad to think that some people spend their entire lives with someone that they don’t love that much! Why does that happen? Anyways, I’m lucky.

  • UMMM the CMAs?!! HELLO!? How much do you love Country music? What does it mean when you cry more than once watching the CMAs? I just couldn’t help it. Am I the only one that loves that there are so many country stars that aren’t super thin? Gosh I just love country. But Kenny Chesney really sounded like shit. Poor guy. And how the hell does Tim McGraw just keep getting more attractive? Mindblown. And Taylor Swit is so annoying. But her dress was gorge. {image via eonline.com}

  • A cute baby gift that I threw together quickly for one of my co-workers. What a beautiful saying!

  • Mothereffing Christmas. Seriously, I love Christmas. I’ve been listening to Michael Bublé holiday for the past two weeks and am so happy that I have two more months to do so. Don’t be a scrooge. I also happen to have purchased a Christmas tree on Craigslist last evening from a nice lady named Debby. I need a tree skirt. Another future craft project I guess. {image below via pinterest}

  • Glitter. I can’t stop putting glitter on things. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of craft projects to share with you by the end of the weekend.

  • An email I read today including the phrase: “all factories is keep paying those money.” Working with people overseas is so much fun. Such great people. Here’s a photo from August 2012 in china.

  • Comfy sweaters. Enough said. So cute. {via pinterest}

  • My friends. I miss them.

  • A favorite urban dress I can still wear as the weather cools.  I just tied a shirt up with a clear elastic and then threw a sweater on. I have to wear a bodycon skirt with this dress though because it gets a little risky if I don’t. One time I didn’t.  I was at a wedding rehearsal dinner.

  • Snatches. I’m starting to like them. Worked on them yesterday for an hour and feel much more confident! {image via pinterest}


What makes you happy?! Have a great weekend! xoxo