{match in the gas tank. boom boom}





have you ever seen what’s eating gilbert grape? you haven’t? that’s stupid. it’s a great movie. that’s where the title comes in. i’m not a pyro or anything. anyways, my weekend was fairly nice. i pretty much did whatever i wanted to do like usual. some highlights were wearing my new sweater, going to waterton canyon on a nice little nature walk. small leaf pussy toes. the name says enough. stuffed acorn squash. effing delicious. i’m cereal. try it. here. a nice 8 mile jog. running is so much better when you’re not training for a marathon. i also put together my craigslist special christmas tree. it’s hilarious.

my monday throw-together outfit. it’s still in the 70s here. i’m still wearing wedges people. complete with red nail polish and some lipstick.

i forgot my engagement ring at crossfit this morning like a MORON! it was terrible. i about threw up. then, when i was rushing back to the gym to pick it up i saw a woman in a minivan get arrested at 11am? wth? anyways, happy monday!