{stripes, braids & awkwardness}

i rememeber when i used to want to travel all the time for work because i thought it was soooo cool, but really it’s not that cool. my reasoning is as follows:

1.  i always eat like crap.

2. my makeup always falls off by the time i get to my actual meeting.

3. i’m weird in airplane situations. like yesterday, i couldn’t help but watch the man’s ipad next to me that was playing the movie ‘hunger games,’ and then when he asked if wanted to share his earbuds with him and listen, i couldn’t say no- even though i didn’t want to share his ear buds. so there i sat for the next 45 minutes with a crink in my neck, trying not to make any dramatic movements and pull the other guy’s ear bud out! oh, the travesty.

4. i always think i need to drink alcohol for some reason when i’m in the airport. and then i just get full and have to pee all the time!

5. i swear the second i step into an airport, i develop a sweating problem/disorder. it’s really weird.

anyways, nothing like giving public presentations in front of a room full of people. gross! it went well though. sometimes i’m still surprised that people let me talk to such large groups because i’m so weird. but hey.

hope your week is swell.

do you like my coffee prop? huh? clever? no?

here you will see that i did not have time to do my hair. so i braided my hair into pig tails and then started shoving bobby pins back there. i know, genius! enjoy!