{grandma caley!}

there was an old lady who lived in a shoe…ME! i’m quite certain that i’ve morphed into a grandma.

last evening, i made paleo biscuits and listened to oldies. seriously, these biscuits are amazing though. i think i’m going to make some more in about 20 minutes.

today, i woke up and went to crossfit with my new crossfit friend, katie. it was a fairly easy partner wod, ya know 2 rounds- 50 pull ups, 75 box jumps, 100 front squats (55#) and 125 situps. i’m kidding. but it was a great way to start my saturday.

then, i made some pumpkin paleo waffles. after that, i ventured to goodwill to try to thrift, but my hands got so dirty 10 minutes into it, that i had to leave.

since then, you can find me in my apartment crafting, sewing, cleaning, trimming the tree (not really) and probably baking….grandma!

{my glitter trees in all their glory. i set them on top of some wine glasses and put an ornament inside. okay, i admit the gold tree could use a little more glitter, but i dropped it, okay?! sue me!!}

{another sign i made. spray painted white letters on white canvas}

{my usual weekend attire: terrible hair, makeup-less, leggings, cody’s shirt, scarf & boots}

{my craigslist christmas tree. not too shabby. tilts to the right a little but you’ll have that}

{starbucks christmas cups & red lipstick. 2 things that make me extremely happy.}

{an infinity scarf i made out of some plaid, woven fabric tonight. i didn’t use a pattern or anything. i just cut some fabric evenly, finished the edges and then sewed it together. i just love it!}

{it’s snowing this evening! another perfect reason for me to stay in. again!}

caley’s random thought of the day: i wish i was black enough to call people “bay” ya know, like “bay-bay”