{work is for the birds!}

hi. i can’t believe these people make me go to work on mondays! duurrrr. a few observations from my morning so far:

1. i heard that the biebs and selena broke up. probably because she had sex with a man and was like “wait…what?”

2. personalized license plates make me want to gouge my eyeballs out.  i had to follow PB&J all the way to work today. what? why? nooooo!

4. don’t eat like sh*t. like ever. my cheat day yesterday has me feeling like a pile of turds today.

5. my new iphone is a lemon! bastards. someone in the factory was really slacking. i feel their pain though so i’m a little sympathetic.

6. crossfitting in the morning is way better than in the evening. i’m completely biased now in the fact that i don’t even realize the evening classes exist.

7. do you watch ‘revenge’? you should. it’s sooooo good! that emily is quite the prankster!

8. this song makes me happy. i will include it in our wedding video. i have to!

9. i think i’ll make paleo sausage stuffing this evening.

10.  don’t press the brew button on the keurig without a cup underneath. rats. you know when you have one of those moments where you know something isn’t right, but you just keep watching it happen? yeah.

anyways, this is how my brain works, people. completely random. get used to it! a lot of that was really negative. sorry about that! i’m actually having a really great day today and i hope you are as well.

check out my scarf, b*tches!

check out my new lipstick, b*tches! so far, my favroite red. revlon. ‘love that red’

okay, ill stop swearing at you now.

a new book from my hubby. book review to follow. contain yourself!

xoxo gossip girl.