1. going to the dentist.  i can’t say i’m expecting any problems but the thought of a cavity equals complete failure to me. i feel like a dirty person.

2. mike tyson.

3. christina aguilera’s wardrobe. and makeup. and hair.

4. being late.

5. thrusters. (if you’re not a crossfitter, you’re probably just thinking like a pervert.)

6. old food in the refrigerator.

7. accidentally liking something or friend requesting someone on facebook

8. the product found in ‘skymall’ magazines.

9. failed inspections. that’s an entirely separate subject, work-related, that you don’t care to hear about.

10. telling people i’m taking a day off. again work-related. lame!

pretty intense, huh? no, not really. what are your fears?

anyways, moving on to some of my favorite things today:

{my go-to meal when i’m really, freaking hungry and don’t want to cook forever when i get home from work. a burger. any burger, really. this happens to be a turkey burger. sautéed onions. avocado. over-easy egg. effing delicious}

{belt a scarf over a button-up, throw on some skinnies & some flats}

{how awesome is this necklace?! find it here.}

 um, anyways. that’s all. i’m hungry.