{amazed and amused as usual}

today i find myself incredibly amazed at a few things:

1. i just paid for my coffee on my phone?!! just held it up to the window and then paid for it?!!?! technology is too much for me. i’m a grandma, remember?

2. the rate at which brand new roads are built. no joke, a brand new road appeared out of nowhere and became a detour route for 40th avenue. how do they do that?!! someone explain this to me.

3. the fact that i snatched 65#, 50 times today. seeing progress is so awesome. keep it up, people.  impress yourself.

4. how amazing almond dream ice cream is! go away!! i can’t stop eating this shit. have you tried this?! dairy free.

5. how awesome i am at posing for self-photography.

{sweater, blazer, animal print, boots}

{the devil!!!!}

{next to our bed. such a nice way to wake up each day.}