{inspire me.}

Work has me feeling a little uninspired lately and quite frankly has been pissing me off. Therefore, I decided to take some time and reflect on my inspirations.  What inspires Caley?  Fine, pull my leg. I’ll tell you:

First and foremost, above anyone/anything else, my future hubby! I could sit here and write page after page on how amazing of a person he is, but I won’t because you’ll throw up and then punch me in the face. Soul mates really are people who want to make you be a better person. It’s such an amazing, distinct feeling that separates itself from anything else. If whomever you’re with right now doesn’t make you feel that way…ever, get rid of them. Seriously. I feel like the day I met him, my entire life changed,–like I suddenly grew up and realized what life is really about, who I want to be and what’s important. Ya know? Everyday he challenges me, makes me want to be smarter, stronger, kinder, better, more gracious, everything that I truly want to be.  Oh Caley, shut up!

Music. Music can dictate the way my day goes. I don’t think I could get through a day or a project, or work without it. I’m so thankful for it.  I remember watching this documentary on Netflix about Afghanistan and how they weren’t allowed to listen to music for many years. How terrible! And then there was this poor little blind kid that was singing a song and it was heart-wrenching! Anyways…music is the fabric of my life.


My parents. Without them, I truly don’t think I would know what love between two people really is. Their love is so amazing and genuine, and my heart breaks for those kids that weren’t blessed with a love like that between their parents. Growing up, I really only remember them having one fight. The turkey was burning in the oven and my Dad didn’t pull it out in time. It’s funny how much of that moment I remember. They are the love of each other’s lives. The way it’s supposed to be. Speaking of my parents, it’s my Dad’s birthday today!! Happy Birthday, Pops!

Crossfit. You already know I’m obsessed with it, but I’ll keep talking about it. So, zip it! Crossfit doesn’t just get me up at the crack of  dawn to go workout, it gets me excited for the day to begin. It’s awesome to have already killed a wod or PR’d before you even go to work that day. It gets my brain going. I feel comfortable in my skin and I feel strong. My whole perception of beauty has changed. It’s amazing! Do it!

My best friends. I’m picky about my friends or people who I spend my time with, because I refuse to waste my time on people who are negative, don’t inspire me and don’t share the same zest for life that I do. All of my close friends do. And for that, I am very grateful. Whether it’s a friend from high school, college, new friends, or my good friends at my previous employer, they all have made me who I am today. And, guess what? My best friend, Angela Pangela is on her way to Denver right now! So excited. I’ll document our adventures, don’t you worry!

What inspires my style? I think I’m inspired by everything around me. The weather, the way the air feels, music, if I feel happy or sad, books I read, shows I’ve watched…everything. Well, and effing pinterest. But right now, I really want this dress directly above.

Okay, I’ll stop being so sentimental now. Have a great weekend! Xoxo