i have been away too long! i’m ashamed of myself! my sincerest apologies. i’ve just been so darn busy lately. i ventured back home to iowa last week and didn’t have any cell phone service for 4 straight days! can you even believe it?! honestly, it was quite nice.  i didn’t even check my email once! i slept a lot. probably too much. ate an extreme amount of mother’s mashed potatoes. went black friday shopping with mother. saw a bunch of old acquaintances. smiled and hugged a lot. almost too much. i mean, i gave away a lot of smiles and hugs for free. bought a bunch of items that old people usually purchase. like blenders and food processors and stuff. ya know, the usual…anyways-hope you all had a great thanksgiving. i sure did! here’s a little re-cap below. xo!

{brocade is always thanksgiving appropriate}

{framed photo at home. my sister colette on the left & crystal on the right. i’m in the middle of course. i think i look like an old, mexican man with a little hat on}

{old, framed black & white photos of family}

{mother and father’s little dog, nieka.}

{my first shot at making pumpkin pie. not bad! thanks, mom!}

{crystal with her new frog hat that she got for her birthday. too cute. sweetest soul}