{crooked black & red.}

mother has informed me that i need to fix my crooked tooth on the bottom row of my teeth before i get married. in an effort to fix this tooth, that went crooked from not wearing my retainer for years in a row- i have decided the solution is to do this myself, by again starting to wear my retainer. which basically means, i snapped that thing so hard into my mouth, that i thought i might not be able to take it out. who needs modern day orthadontics, anyways?  oh what the hell, it’s worth a shot. i mean, the retainer is only 8 to 10 years old. Despite some severe pain and a wiggly tooth, i really think i’m making progress. i’ll keep you posted.

anyways today, you can find me dressed in:

{butterfly motif, black blazer, red pants, printed heels, messy bun}


you will also notice that my feet are quite rosy. this is a chronic problem for me. red feet.

have a great wednesday! xoxo.