{what’s in your fridge?}

you wanna know what’s in my fridge? nothing! absolutely nothing. well, that’s a blatant lie. there’s two bottles of wine, leftover spaghetti squash, almond milk, coconut milk, eggs, a half-way frozen pork roast, bacon, some syrup and other condiments. oh, and there’s a pepper in a jar of water that cody put in there and i have yet to take out. so, kill me! and that’s about it. therefore, when i came home late from work this evening and didn’t want to go to the grocery store, i had to make-do with what was available. so, like usual- i fried up the rest of my bacon, threw a sweet potato in the microwave for five minutes, mixed the two together and nicely placed an over-easy egg on top. easy. paleo. tasty. duh.

you know what else really busts my chops? taking time off work and feeling punished for it! my office is an absolute disaster. i feel so overwhelmed whenever i come back from a small break. i understand why some people never take vacation because it’s almost worse to have to deal with putting out so many fires rather than just not taking a break! uffda. exhibit ‘a’ below:

i mean, really? do you see all those post-its? i don’t even read them.

anyways, i switched up the background of my outfit shots for you. for a little while anyways. i didn’t have much time to get ready for work today because i didn’t leave crossfit until quite late. so today i went with: black tights, striped tank-dress and a cardi-wrap with a belt. also, i’m not sure if you can notice the bump on the middle of my forehead from slamming the bar against my head while i was snatching today. but, it’s there. at least i kept the bar close to my body! right? am i right?

look how sunny it is! did you know it’s sunny in denver 300 days out of the year? that might be a lie. but, that’s what i’ve heard.

i also purchased a new, red, essie nail polish recently. it’s called  ‘ forever yummy’ oooooooohhh. spicy!  it’s on the left. nothing better than red for the holidays ya know!

what am i even talking about in this post? wait until you hear my orthodontics story tomorrow.

to recap the above, this is pretty much how i have felt all day