{peachy keen}

Zoinks! My day has been so crazy today! Who would have thought a little girls’ tight spec. could ruin my day or perhaps week?! Is this really what my life is coming to? I need to move to Africa and help homeless orphans or something. Seriously. I’m going to.

The right side of my body is still tingling from the 50 overhead squats this morning. Woof! Not to mention the 50 burpees and 50 box jumps at 24″. 24″- Can you believe it? I sure have come a long way from eating shit during my kettlebell days!

Random thought #3: We’re actually going to Costa Rica in less than two months so that’s exciting. I don’t think we have any plans yet- it’s going to be a real adventure, I tell ya. I really hope a monkey tries to steal my wallet…my life will then be complete.

Random thought #4: My other half comes home soon! Thank goodness. I’ve been a real wench lately!

And why not, #5: You know what else makes me happy? Waking up really hungry. That means my body is using all that shit. Boom!

Anyways, I know I wear black a lot, but I can’t help it. I like to! Okay?! I felt like dressing comfy today. I also finally found my peach lipstick at the bottom of my makeup bag this morning! That was quite exciting. So, I wore it.





{grey with black lace over a white dress, black scrunchy boots, black scarf, braided top knot & peach lipstick}