{wine & stripes & such}

well, hello. how are you today? whew. i had quite the weekend. let me tell you what. the amount of things i managed to get done this weekend would really floor some people. no, honestly i really didn’t do that much. like at all. i had big intentions, but it became quite snowy and cold, so i didn’t really want to leave my apartment. no fear, i did a few times.

friday, i went out with one of my friends for a couple of beers. i literally had 2 beers and a glass of wine when i got home- and felt like an 18-year-old who drank too many fuzzy navels from their mom’s fridge or something. i just don’t have a tolerance anymore! i guess that’s a good thing. anyways, then when i got home- i decided to cook up some onions sausage and eggs. who does that? oh, and i had some cashews. this is what happens when you have no crappy food in your house– you end up even eating these kinds of things when you’re drunk. so amazing!

i’ve also realized that i have a lot of wedding planning to do. mother is doing a lot for me already which is nice. i’ll keep you posted with my inspiration at a later time. i have to find a videographer. honestly, that’s really all i want! either this. or this.

what did you do this weekend? oh, i also watched ‘young adult.’ have you seen that movie? it’s really weird and uncomfortable. and then i watched ‘the blind side.’ and have decided that my life will not be complete until i adopt a young, homeless, teenage african american who becomes good at football. i’m really disappointed in the world lately. i can’t tell if people are getting worse or if i’m getting older and just noticing it more. woof!


so, the moral of the story with this pictures is- if you’re feeling kind of buzzed and hungry, just brown some sausage and onions and put two over-easy eggs on top!


yum. cashews are my favorite. unsalted but roasted. buy them in the  bulk section.



{dress: gap, scarf: a & f, striped long sleeve, tights & boots. already got a run in these tights. bought them yesterday, fyi. wtf??}

seriously need my hair done like asap. only 1 more week. sorry for the mess! the ends are ridonkulous.

happy holidays! buy someone’s starbucks today for them by surprise. that’s what i did! always makes me feel better.