{emerald green & rap lyrics}

sh*t, tired of gettin shot at. tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested.

no, not really, but i have been listening to a lot of 2pac lately on my way home from work. really relieves some stress, ya know?  i also ,sometimes in the morning, try to put 2pac on the stereo at crossfit and people yell at me. or drake. what? i like listening to rap when i work out, too. all the guys are like “wahhh i’m a big baby and i want to listen to pantera or some other stupid white guy screaming. because i’m so tough” whatever! anyways, others might say that driving home from work and listening to 2pac in a fit of rage means i’m feeling rather aggressive. but i just think it means i’m smart. hey- 2pac was quite the lyricist. may he rest in peace. thugz mansion.

man, wednesdays are the worst! everyone’s always like “ohhh hump day..so funny” blah blah blah. am i being negative? i’ve really been trying not to be. how’s it working for me?




 {tights, stockings & boots, black skirt, green ruffles & some grey on top. boom}


oh and these were my snacks for the day: people always find it funny that i have yams and/orsweet potatoes just thrown all over my office. attention!: if someone can please tell me how to identify the difference between a yam and a sweet potato, it would be greatly appreciated. after months and months of endless research, it seems i still don’t know.


bye people.