{hipster nights}

man, nick swardson comedy channel on pandora is the best. boner soup?! never gets old. somtimes at work, i just sit here with my earbuds in and listen to comedy on pandora while doing mindless accounting tasks. i just sit here and laugh and ignore everyone. sometimes i can kind of hear people yell my name like “caley do you know where this file is?!! has this been tested yet?!!” and i just ignore them and giggle to the profanity that streams through my earbuds. classic.

this weekend, i pretended to be a hipster with my hipster friends.. we went to a holiday party at a graphic design studio, filled with hipster things such as but not limited to: mr. smelly markers and a drawing wall, mojitos out of a fish tank, festive cupcakes, a bunch of people dancing to a great dj, faint smell of something that resembled a skunk. weird..?







and then we ate hot dogs. and they were delicious.