{a few things…}

I hope everyone had a holly, jolly Christmas! I went back to Iowa to spend some time at home and get away from the office for a while. Once my passing tights inspection came through on Sunday night, I really let loose, let me tell ya. Drank copious amounts of wine, listened to oldies with my dad, clogged the toilet (with toilet paper probably, you sicko! the pipes are old!), watched my Dad plunge the toilet, ate a tremendous amount of christmas goodies and Mother’s delicious, turkey tetrazzini. It was pretty classic. And relaxing. Makes me sad to leave though because I enjoy my parents’ conversation so much. I could probably live in their basement forever and be fine with it.

Going home is always weird for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack as my car nears toward my hometown, thinking about who I’ll see or what weird conversations I have to have about my life. I’m not really sure the exact reason as to why, but I think it has something to do with me leaving a part of my soul there, maybe by accident. And I think I always forget about this missing piece until I go home. I think I tried so hard to get away from there, that for some reason I feel bad going back. I think it’s a great place to raise kids and have nothing against those that choose to live there their entire lives- I mean my whole family has- it’s just a simple life and right now I choose the opposite.  But the older I get, the more appealing it becomes. You know they say (not sure who ‘they’ is) that a parent should give their child 2 things: roots and wings. I was definitely fortunate enough to have been given both, but sometimes I think I forget about the first one and that makes me feel bad. I’ll work on that. Do you really care? No, but thanks for pretending.

Anyways, enough serious nonsense-I almost puked at crossfit this morning. Glad I got that terrible WOD out of the way. I think it was the 30 peanut butter cookies and several glasses of wine weighing me down! Good lord, that was terrible! My hands hurt. And I hate squat cleans today! I’m whining.

How about all those weirdos getting engaged over Christmas?!  Huh?  Come on, people. Be a little more creative! You disappoint me!

A few things:









1. pinterest inspiration 2. office clutter 3. my parents. my faves 4. puppy face 5. glass of wine and a snowman

6. barn window 7. round barn ceiling (possible wedding venue) 8. an antique stove.