Monthly Archive: January, 2013

{goodwill finds}

My manfriend has been in the mountains lately shredding the gnar, so I’ve been left to fend for myself. I even had to make my own dinner last night. This is extremely out of the ordinary when… Continue reading

{wedding inspiration}

goinnnn to the chapel and we’re gonnnnnaa get marrieddd. i’m a really good singer. especially after 5-10 vodka sodas. if you don’t believe me, meet me at the irish pub down the street, this friday evening at 12am… Continue reading

{through the looking glass}

A day in the chair of caley: Help! Let me out!   xoxo

{pow pow.}

Happy Monday A few random thoughts followed by a few random photos: Okay. You know me…well you don’t really know me, but you know that fashion interests me and has been an integral… Continue reading

{poncho smancho}

i’m a hippy now, remember? i only wear fringe, leather and mascara. the poncho and fringey boots are courtesy of recent purchases. good purchases. last clothing purchases for a while. downsizing, people. downsizing. i… Continue reading

{life is short and the world is wide. -simon raven}

We just got back from Costa Rica yesterday. It was quite transforming. I have decided to stop wearing makeup and shoes, only listen to Rasta and only speak Spanish. I’ve also stopped brushing my… Continue reading

{um, no bueno}

why? it will forever be a mystery to me how the coffee continuously drips down the side of the cup. annoyed. happy friday!!!!!!!!

{mucho bueno}

hola mis amigas. i’ve been listening to sooo much shakira in preparation for our costa rica 4 days! to touch up on my spanish skills of course! andalé andalé!  i cannot wait to get away. i realized yesterday that this is the… Continue reading

{loosen up}

Sorry I’ve been gone so long! But with Cody home, sometimes I need to disappear from the world for a while! And I definitely do. And, I apologize. It won’t be the last… Continue reading

{happy new year!}

it’s been a quiet new year here. cody and i are enjoying our time at home together and celebrating a late christmas. i’ll write more later! wish all of you the best in… Continue reading