{mucho bueno}

hola mis amigas. i’ve been listening to sooo much shakira in preparation for our costa rica trip..in 4 days! to touch up on my spanish skills of course! andalé andalé!  i cannot wait to get away. i realized yesterday that this is the first time throughout my career, that i have ever taken 6 full vacation days in a row. so, first time since college. first time since i was 22. 4 years. and that got me to thinking: what the hell am i doing with my life? why am i working so much? anyone?……anyone?…..







1. best gift ever. i have the best future hubby. you can find this here

2.shoes, forever.

3. stripes, animal print & blazer.

4.samples @ work.

5. & 6. angela and i’s old apartment in duluth. i miss this place. minus the fact the plumbing didn’t work on occasion, the kitchen was a little ancient and in the winter we couldn’t back out of our driveway. our landlord would always yell at us and accuse us of flushing tampons down the toilet and ruining the water pressure. but we really weren’t! oh, those were the days!