{life is short and the world is wide. -simon raven}

We just got back from Costa Rica yesterday. It was quite transforming. I have decided to stop wearing makeup and shoes, only listen to Rasta and only speak Spanish. I’ve also stopped brushing my hair. Which according to Angela, isn’t much of a change from my previous life. Anywho…

I think all people need time away to reflect on their life. I think people need to visit and observe other cultures. I remember signing up for Camp Adventure when I was 19 and going to Okinawa, Japan for 5 months. One of our instructors said, “Camp Adventure will ruin your life.” And, it did. My friend Chrissy and I still talk about it. Seeing the way others live changes you and provokes you to want different things. To prioritize life differently. To be purely happy with what you have. Being away from home makes me realize how materialistic we are here. While in CR, I think I wore makeup once, flip-flops every day, hair in a bun, nails a mess, clothes full of sand and had a fu*king awesome time. Every, single minute. No one gives a shit what kind of car they drive or how many pairs of Tory Burch flip-flops they have. Not to mention, I was half drunk most of the time which doesn’t add to my physical appearance. (see photo 8, below) Pura Vida!!  I know my Mother would probably say, “Well, it seems great now, but that’s just because you were on vacation.” I will forever disagree. The heart wants what the heart wants. “Life is short and the world is wide.”

Despite being severely depressed that we won’t be able to watch the sunset over the Pacific every night while drinking 8-10 Imperials, I’ll admit it wasn’t that bad coming home to 70 degree weather. Go, Denver. Thanks for not being stupid.

Here is some of our trip through my iPhone. It really sucked. You shouldn’t go.

pura vida, xo.


{Chrissy and I. Okinawa, Japan: 2005}