Monthly Archive: February, 2013


Yesterday, a young man came up to me at the gas station and asked me to buy him a black n mild because he forgot his ID. I told him that I was… Continue reading

{sometimes i can be professional.}

The above is true. Surprising, but true. I pride myself in being professional when I need to be, but the second I know it’s not necessary, look out world. I prefer to be… Continue reading

crossfit laughs

“i don’t gooo to globo gyms anymore.” Hahahaha. Found this video and found it hilarious at how much this reminds me of myself…always bitching that the wod isn’t up and having “cheat meals,”… Continue reading

{birthdays & science}

Whew! I’m finally home after a long week of travelling! It was my little niece’s 1st birthday party this weekend, so I spent the weekend in North Carolina with my family. My niece… Continue reading

{horsey love}

Happy Heart Day, all you hopeless romantics! I personally think Valentine’s day is like a weirdo-pretend-fake day. Everyone is just pretending. People are sending flowers just because “they should,” people who receive them are being fake and… Continue reading

{office attire}

Say hi to Allison, everyone. She is my friend. We are cubemates. She thinks she looks bald in the first photo– but she’s not bald in case any of you were wondering, which I’m… Continue reading

{orange ya glad i didn’t say banana?}

Ha! Remember that joke?! My sister Crystal liked to tell it 50x in a row on a daily basis….Today, I decided to wear a blazer since I had to be around children and… Continue reading

{my favorite black + whites}

Wah. My hubby had to leave again for a few months… and as I sit here and wallow in my sorrows, I remember that I’m actually one of the lucky ones in this world.… Continue reading

{wedding inspiration, volume 2}

Wedding songs. I love music, but I keep forgetting about all of the songs I love and want to use throughout the ceremony and reception, so I’ve decided to start writing them down.… Continue reading


Today has not been too swell, people. One time, I submitted a formal letter to the test lab that included the word “testes” rather than the word “tests.” That’s kind of how I feel today. A few… Continue reading