{my favorite black + whites}

Wah. My hubby had to leave again for a few months… and as I sit here and wallow in my sorrows, I remember that I’m actually one of the lucky ones in this world. Lucky to have found the other half of my wild, weirdo, crazy soul to share my life with. I hope the same for everyone. I think if everyone loved the way we did, the world really would be a perfect place. It’s true.  Anyways, we had a crazy weekend which contained: family time, friends, a funeral, lots of coffee, too many saturday evening cocktails, and a 3.5 hour drive through a blizzard. Also…

1. I’m currently working on simplifying my life and my closet for that matter…more details to come on this hefty project.

2. I’ve decided to write a book on micro-managing and how terrible it is. I will include photos of people who are guilty of this.

3. I’m annoyed with people whom have ruined Instagram, by again finding another outlet for them to take pictures of themselves.

4. I’m going to start sewing more.

5. Last evening on the airplane, a man was talking about sending his children to Hogwarts camp. Is this normal?







{some of my favorite quotes/photos to get me through this week.}