{horsey love}

Happy Heart Day, all you hopeless romantics! I personally think Valentine’s day is like a weirdo-pretend-fake day. Everyone is just pretending. People are sending flowers just because “they should,” people who receive them are being fake and pretending they’re excited about who they got them from, and people who see other people get flowers are pretending to be happy for them when really they’re like: “Mine are better.” or “Where are MY flowers?! Stupid Bit*h.” At least that’s how it is in women world. And no, I’m not bitter because I didn’t receive anything. I did, and it was sweet and he’s the best. But I just don’t want him to ever think that I expect to receive a gift from him, ya know? Just my opinion, yo!

Anyways, I love horsey prints!



Get in line,  boys. That’s 3 sets of flowers for my cubemate. She’s spent the majority of the afternoon trimming branches and performing water treatments to her plentiful flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day!