{sometimes i can be professional.}

The above is true. Surprising, but true. I pride myself in being professional when I need to be, but the second I know it’s not necessary, look out world. I prefer to be weirdo Caley rather than professional Caley. Someday, I will have my own business and only hire weirdos like myself. That will be in the job description. It will say something like: “If you don’t think farts are funny and are serious more than 60% of the time, don’t apply. “Or, “If you don’t think offensive humor is hilarious, no can do.” Something along those lines…

Anyways, I dressed up for work today. Exhibit A.


I made paleo pumpkin waffles yesterday. They were delicious. I think I will try these pancakes next time. They look quite delish!


That’s all for today…xo