Yesterday, a young man came up to me at the gas station and asked me to buy him a black n mild because he forgot his ID. I told him that I was nervous and denied him. He even looked of age. I can’t tell if I feel like a grandma because people are asking me to buy them tobacco or if it’s because I wouldn’t.

I don’t like going to ‘parties.’ I’ve said this before..ya know like jewelry parties or thirty-one parties, all of that weird sh*t. But, I did go to one a while ago because I felt bad. It was an Arbonne party. Probably won’t go again, but I did purchase a bag of this protein powder. And it’s delicious. It’s vegan protein, which is totally not my style yo- but whey hurts my tummy sometimes. And this is seriously delicious. Even with just water.

How cute is this owl print? Urban Outfitters of course. Same color palette as  my last outfit post, just a different day!

I made brussels sprouts last evening. This was my first encounter. They were actually very delicious. Probably should have cooked them in a little more olive oil though… I also browned some ground beef and added bacon of course. Not bad. Quick, too!