{winner winner chicken dinner}

You know what I love? Cashews. They’re delicious. I like to snack on them. Daily. Probably need to cut back. Sometimes nuts make my tum tum hurt. Don’t be gross.

You know what I don’t love? Being sick. I swear I’m turning into one of those crazy people who thinks their doctor always misdiagnoses them because I swear I’ve been mis-diagnosed. My throat really hurts! Ouch, Charlie. It really hurts and it keeps on hurting! Remember that video?

Um, anyways…No, this isn’t chicken. It’s fricking sausage. I love sausage. And Bacon. I’m really trying to only eat sausage and bacon once a week though because I think I’ve been over-indulging in that area lately. But I really just don’t give a F because it’s so goooooooodddddd!! Anyways, this weekend I made paleo spaghetti and it was delicious. Lasted for a good 3 days of meals…