{decorating & eats!}

 Do you ever notice that if you take one day “off” and do absolutely nothing like I did on Sunday (besides watch a variety of movies, make paleo waffles and a wedding website) that you feel super behind? I don’t even have kids or a husband at home! I’m doomed! I just can’t hang with the kids like I used to. Went to G.Love with my little friend, Kirby, on Saturday. It was pretty awesome, but I was just feeling so under the weather on Sunday! Ohhhh to be young again. Anyways, lately we’ve been making some progress with wedding details…and I’ve been trying some new recipes… and enjoying the Crossfit Open…..so check it out:







1. vintage decor for the wedding.

2. trying to figure out table placements (no that’s not what we chose)

3.mason jars + lace

4. stuffed acorn squash!!! my favorite

5. toes to bar always get me! rascals.

6. i made the easier version of this. chicken, bacon, greens, mushrooooomms