{crossfit girl diaries, pt 1.}


See, the thing about Crossfit is that it can really beat you up. Physically and mentally. My hands really hurt. Like all the time. And they’re not really what I would call pretty. And sometimes when I get up in the morning, I think about going back to bed because I’m soooooooo tired. And sometimes I do. But most of the time, I don’t because it honestly leaves me with an empty, grumpy feeling all day long. Last Thursday was terrible. WOD 13.3, I no-repped probably around 30-50 of the 150 wall balls. I screamed “F off” at one of our coaches and left crying. Although, most of this scenario may or may not have been hormone induced…my point is that it happens. But then you just sleep it off and get up the next morning and face it..and then do more wall balls on Saturday. And that’s why Crossfit has made me a stronger person. More mentally than even physically I think… Like Bob Harper says. 3 days on. 1 day off. 365 a year. BOOM. I effing love Bob Harper.  I don’t know how appropriate it is to use the ‘f’ word more than a few times in the post, so that’s why I just said “effing.” OKAY?!


This is my Crossfit friend, KTP. She’s my “Crossfit” friend because we met at Crossfit…Does that make sense? She’s really great. She’s really good at things that I’m not really good at and vice-a-versa so our gym relationship is pretty stellar. One time she picked me up and threw me like an Atlas stone…..okay that’s not true, but she could if she wanted to. It’s always great having someone there to really cheer you on or compete with. And that’s kind of what we do for each other. I’ll chase her through strength wods and she’ll chase me during endurance wods. And when I’m slacking, she throws a kettle bell at my face.



photo credit: cf undeniable.

Hell, if I can 300 double unders, I can start my own business right? Wellp…here we go.

xoxox crossfit girl.