{back from my hiatus}

Wow! Do I even remember to log into WordPress? The answer is yes, I do. But it has been a while. I’ve been on what some may call a ‘hiatus’ and it has been wonderful. So many things have changed in my life lately in a positive way. The main thing being that I quit my job. I quit my terrible, 80-hour-work-week, no-real-vacation, terrible-people job! And it’s amazing. The truth is… I am the luckiest person on the planet because I have the most amazing fiance, who has been so encouraging. I’m starting my own thing. A lot more details to come in the future. It is a work in progress, but I am so excited and already learning so much! Join me on my journey!

Here a few observations since I quit my POS job:

1. I’m dreaming again. For the last year and half, I rarely ever dreamt because I was so stressed about the next day’s activities or what was going on overseas as I tried to get in 7 hours of sleep. Which probably turned into 4.

2. I feel much more empowered lately. I feel smarter, stronger, better. And feel like I have to return the favor of how blessed I am to other people and have been trying to do so. It’s amazing when you get away from so much negativity what you really are capable of.

3. I spend about a million dollars less on Starbucks per week. Which is a plus.

4. My husband-to-be is amazing and I appreciate him more than ever. We just had our first pre-marital session last week. It’s conclusive that we’re obsessively in love with each other. Duh.

5. It’s interesting to see people’s responses to my recent life decision about quitting my job. Most people think I’m crazy. “Well, what are you going to do?!! For how long?! What? How?! Why ?!” My response is…”Ehhh be happy.” And that’s pretty much it.

Anyways…enough rambling. Here are my new, favorite shorts. I went into Urban a couple of months ago and saw their Renewal Levi’s. I seriously almost bought them for $39. But then I quit being a moron and went to Goodwill, bought a pair of Levi’s Mom Jeans for a dollar, grabbed some sandpaper from the garage and a scissors and distressed them myself! See below!






Cody and I at the Grand Canyon, sporting my shorts in all their glory.