{office attire}

Say hi to Allison, everyone. She is my friend. We are cubemates. She thinks she looks bald in the first photo– but she’s not bald in case any of you were wondering, which I’m… Continue reading

{orange ya glad i didn’t say banana?}

Ha! Remember that joke?! My sister Crystal liked to tell it 50x in a row on a daily basis….Today, I decided to wear a blazer since I had to be around children and… Continue reading

{my favorite black + whites}

Wah. My hubby had to leave again for a few months… and as I sit here and wallow in my sorrows, I remember that I’m actually one of the lucky ones in this world.… Continue reading

{wedding inspiration, volume 2}

Wedding songs. I love music, but I keep forgetting about all of the songs I love and want to use throughout the ceremony and reception, so I’ve decided to start writing them down.… Continue reading


Today has not been too swell, people. One time, I submitted a formal letter to the test lab that included the word “testes” rather than the word “tests.” That’s kind of how I feel today. A few… Continue reading

{goodwill finds}

My manfriend has been in the mountains lately shredding the gnar, so I’ve been left to fend for myself. I even had to make my own dinner last night. This is extremely out of the ordinary when… Continue reading

{wedding inspiration}

goinnnn to the chapel and we’re gonnnnnaa get marrieddd. i’m a really good singer. especially after 5-10 vodka sodas. if you don’t believe me, meet me at the irish pub down the street, this friday evening at 12am… Continue reading

{through the looking glass}

A day in the chair of caley: Help! Let me out!   xoxo

{pow pow.}

Happy Monday A few random thoughts followed by a few random photos: Okay. You know me…well you don’t really know me, but you know that fashion interests me and has been an integral… Continue reading

{poncho smancho}

i’m a hippy now, remember? i only wear fringe, leather and mascara. the poncho and fringey boots are courtesy of ideeli.com. recent purchases. good purchases. last clothing purchases for a while. downsizing, people. downsizing. i… Continue reading