{life is short and the world is wide. -simon raven}

We just got back from Costa Rica yesterday. It was quite transforming. I have decided to stop wearing makeup and shoes, only listen to Rasta and only speak Spanish. I’ve also stopped brushing my… Continue reading

{um, no bueno}

why? it will forever be a mystery to me how the coffee continuously drips down the side of the cup. annoyed. happy friday!!!!!!!!

{mucho bueno}

hola mis amigas. i’ve been listening to sooo much shakira in preparation for our costa rica trip..in 4 days! to touch up on my spanish skills of course! andalé andalé!  i cannot wait to get away. i realized yesterday that this is the… Continue reading

{loosen up}

Sorry I’ve been gone so long! But with Cody home, sometimes I need to disappear from the world for a while! And I definitely do. And, I apologize. It won’t be the last… Continue reading

{happy new year!}

it’s been a quiet new year here. cody and i are enjoying our time at home together and celebrating a late christmas. i’ll write more later! wish all of you the best in… Continue reading

{a few things…}

I hope everyone had a holly, jolly Christmas! I went back to Iowa to spend some time at home and get away from the office for a while. Once my passing tights inspection… Continue reading

{merry christmas from the christmas pickle!}

    yes. that is a pickle on our christmas tree. what of it? it’s plastic and has some faint glitter. it’s a lone pickle.

{hipster nights}

man, nick swardson comedy channel on pandora is the best. boner soup?! never gets old. somtimes at work, i just sit here with my earbuds in and listen to comedy on pandora while… Continue reading


 happy thursday! sometimes you can wear the same items many different ways and create many different looks. sometimes i have a hard time deciding what i’m going for. when all else fails, add… Continue reading

{emerald green & rap lyrics}

sh*t, tired of gettin shot at. tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested. no, not really, but i have been listening to a lot of 2pac lately on my way home from work. really… Continue reading