{nom noms & plaid}

things i enjoy today: 1. a mcdonald’s peppermint mocha. honestly, way better than a starbucks peppermint mocha. you know it’s true. come on. and christmas time! it’s the most wonderful time of the… Continue reading

{wine & stripes & such}

well, hello. how are you today? whew. i had quite the weekend. let me tell you what. the amount of things i managed to get done this weekend would really floor some people. no, honestly i really didn’t do… Continue reading

{help me, i’m poor!}

no, not really.  but i like to say that to people at work when i forget my lunch  and force them to give me snacks.  i want this shirt: today, i’m pulling a mary kate olsen because i woke up… Continue reading

{peachy keen}

Zoinks! My day has been so crazy today! Who would have thought a little girls’ tight spec. could ruin my day or perhaps week?! Is this really what my life is coming to?… Continue reading

{monday, monday. bah bah…bah bah bah bah. the song? get it? no,okay}

I would just like to make an announcement and let you all know that the number of people I have seen recently, driving after dark without their lights on, is extremely alarming. I’m very concerned. Watch… Continue reading

{happy friday!}

have a great weekend, everyone! xoxo

{crooked black & red.}

mother has informed me that i need to fix my crooked tooth on the bottom row of my teeth before i get married. in an effort to fix this tooth, that went crooked from not… Continue reading

{what’s in your fridge?}

you wanna know what’s in my fridge? nothing! absolutely nothing. well, that’s a blatant lie. there’s two bottles of wine, leftover spaghetti squash, almond milk, coconut milk, eggs, a half-way frozen pork roast,… Continue reading


i have been away too long! i’m ashamed of myself! my sincerest apologies. i’ve just been so darn busy lately. i ventured back home to iowa last week and didn’t have any cell phone service for 4 straight days!… Continue reading

{inspire me.}

Work has me feeling a little uninspired lately and quite frankly has been pissing me off. Therefore, I decided to take some time and reflect on my inspirations.  What inspires Caley?  Fine, pull my… Continue reading