{amazed and amused as usual}

today i find myself incredibly amazed at a few things: 1. i just paid for my coffee on my phone?!! just held it up to the window and then paid for it?!!?! technology… Continue reading


1. going to the dentist.  i can’t say i’m expecting any problems but the thought of a cavity equals complete failure to me. i feel like a dirty person. 2. mike tyson. 3. christina aguilera’s wardrobe.… Continue reading

{work is for the birds!}

hi. i can’t believe these people make me go to work on mondays! duurrrr. a few observations from my morning so far: 1. i heard that the biebs and selena broke up. probably… Continue reading

{audrey hepburn. un paralleled style}

i’ve been watching classic audrey hepburn movies this weekend if you didn’t notice. she was just always so fabulous. i’ve decided i need to wear more gloves, keep my hair dark and wear… Continue reading

{grandma caley!}

there was an old lady who lived in a shoe…ME! i’m quite certain that i’ve morphed into a grandma. last evening, i made paleo biscuits and listened to oldies. seriously, these biscuits are… Continue reading

{stripes, braids & awkwardness}

i rememeber when i used to want to travel all the time for work because i thought it was soooo cool, but really it’s not that cool. my reasoning is as follows: 1.  i… Continue reading

{god is great, beer is good & people are crazy}

has anyone seen that wal-mart commercial about the troops coming home?! ohh god. it’s a real tear jerker. kudos, wal-mart. maybe i’ll shop there more than 5 times this year. in lieu of election day,… Continue reading

{match in the gas tank. boom boom}

        have you ever seen what’s eating gilbert grape? you haven’t? that’s stupid. it’s a great movie. that’s where the title comes in. i’m not a pyro or anything. anyways,… Continue reading

{things that make me happy today}

Did you know how much I love ‘love?’ I just love it. Maybe because I’m so blessed that I was given the ability to love someone so much. It’s seriously a gift, I… Continue reading

{chicken. bacon. eggs. sweet potatoes. yum}

i’ve been pretty hard core paleo lately. i just feel so much better! although, someone did bring bagels to work yesterday and i almost threw myself out the window. but i stood strong. it’s hard… Continue reading