{black + yellow}

don’t you hate when people are stressed and freaking out at work and try to bring you down to their level? today i literally yelled out loud: “i’d rather work at starbucks for minimum wage than… Continue reading

{waffles & elephants.}

i made some almond flour coconut waffles this morning. you should too because they’re delish. top with some maple syrup. sometimes i get real crazy and put some peanut butter on there, too! top… Continue reading

{snow and sweaters, mimes and life lessons}

my weekend was quite swell. woke up to some snow on friday, grabbed a comfy sweater and headed to duluth to act like an idiot. hope yours was as grand as mine! i… Continue reading


why wouldn’t i make a special trip back to mn to ride on a train full of booze and bands, while surrounded by middle-aged people in costumes? ummm i don’t know! that’s why i’m going, duh!… Continue reading

{seafoam green, tights & llamas. typical wednesday}

i probably go through about 7-10 pairs of tights a year. give or take. some of them barely last one wearing. so many runs! if it’s not the car door or my un-manicured nails,… Continue reading

{rat farts}

what do rat farts have to do with this post? nothing. it’s just a phrase my best friend uses when she’s having a stupid day. get over it. btw, add this song to your playlist. pain… Continue reading

{slow it down}

monday, funday? no. so my weekend was pretty boring. friday, we indulged in some wine and savored our time left together. my manfriend finally had to go back to work for a few… Continue reading

{things that make me happy today.}

do you ever get to work in the morning and think you’re the only person that works there anymore? you wander around the hallways looking for people or check the coffee pot for… Continue reading

{real advice for my single friends}

“all the single ladies! all the single ladies. all the single ladies.” when i was in china a couple months ago, my new korean friends made me sing beyoncé hits at a karaoke… Continue reading

{stevie nicks, style inspiration}

the lunch lady downstairs told me that i looked like stevie nicks today. i think it was the sheer hi/low. this is one of my favorite outfits. as you can see in post… Continue reading