{the hunt for red october}

no, this post has absolutely nothing to do with sean connery if that’s what you were hoping. it really only has to do with the color, “red.” i hope you all had a great… Continue reading

{black + white}

print mixing homemade necklace from a friend j.crew sweaters a hike a favorite photo a scarf from my husby happy weekend!! xoxox. do something that makes you happy.

{my weekend in a nutshell}

{..in a nutshell. get it? hahahaha} 1. well, we ran a marathon. ’twas  another fun-filled, pants-crapping experience! (i’m actually proud to say that no, i did not crap my pants this time. it’s quite… Continue reading

{first snow}

woke up to snow today! don’t know how i feel about it! i’m also not quite sure how i lived without AWD for 26 years of my life?! what a luxury. anywho, i… Continue reading

{i got the runs}

I’m running my 3rd marathon this weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul. My fiancé is running it as well. He will be 30 the day of the race! He’s amazing. Old, but amazing. (just kidding… Continue reading

{current obsessions}

{1. chambray} urban button-downs madewell. {2. my niece} 8 months old today. have you seen a cuter baby?! the answer is no. {3.  more fall boots} {4. birdie has a new brother.} http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/blog/… Continue reading

{shades of green}

loving anthropologie {cut a rug} new bag, courtesy of urban. tuesdays are stupid. xo.

{wedding prep}

[one of my very best friends is getting married in june! in cabo! it will be amazing.] [we went shopping this weekend in kansas city and found her the most perfect wedding dress masterpiece. … Continue reading

{kiss someone you love today}

{friday favorites}

it’s friday. hooray! i’m especially excited because of my little weekend get-away. i’m going to my old stomping grounds, good ‘ol kansas city to see one of my very best friends, krystle.  she is getting… Continue reading