Monthly Archive: December, 2012

{a few things…}

I hope everyone had a holly, jolly Christmas! I went back to Iowa to spend some time at home and get away from the office for a while. Once my passing tights inspection… Continue reading

{merry christmas from the christmas pickle!}

    yes. that is a pickle on our christmas tree. what of it? it’s plastic and has some faint glitter. it’s a lone pickle.

{hipster nights}

man, nick swardson comedy channel on pandora is the best. boner soup?! never gets old. somtimes at work, i just sit here with my earbuds in and listen to comedy on pandora while… Continue reading


 happy thursday! sometimes you can wear the same items many different ways and create many different looks. sometimes i have a hard time deciding what i’m going for. when all else fails, add… Continue reading

{emerald green & rap lyrics}

sh*t, tired of gettin shot at. tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested. no, not really, but i have been listening to a lot of 2pac lately on my way home from work. really… Continue reading

{nom noms & plaid}

things i enjoy today: 1. a mcdonald’s peppermint mocha. honestly, way better than a starbucks peppermint mocha. you know it’s true. come on. and christmas time! it’s the most wonderful time of the… Continue reading

{wine & stripes & such}

well, hello. how are you today? whew. i had quite the weekend. let me tell you what. the amount of things i managed to get done this weekend would really floor some people. no, honestly i really didn’t do… Continue reading

{help me, i’m poor!}

no, not really.  but i like to say that to people at work when i forget my lunch  and force them to give me snacks.  i want this shirt: today, i’m pulling a mary kate olsen because i woke up… Continue reading

{peachy keen}

Zoinks! My day has been so crazy today! Who would have thought a little girls’ tight spec. could ruin my day or perhaps week?! Is this really what my life is coming to?… Continue reading

{monday, monday. bah bah…bah bah bah bah. the song? get it? no,okay}

I would just like to make an announcement and let you all know that the number of people I have seen recently, driving after dark without their lights on, is extremely alarming. I’m very concerned. Watch… Continue reading